Wisdom Teeth Management

Wisdom Teeth Management | Dentist Croydon

Wisdom teeth removal is recommended if a tooth is unable to fully erupt from the gum line, causes pain and infection, or causes decay.

With an oral exam and X-rays of the mouth, your dentist at A Supa Smile can assess the position of your wisdom teeth and determine if there are present, developing, or potential problems.

The Importance of Wisdom Teeth Removal

A wisdom tooth can develop infection if it’s not removed. Aside from this, wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling, stiffness of the jaw, and a general ill feeling.

Impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean because of their location in the mouth. A tooth that is partly covered and has an issue with eruption can be at greater risk of debris build-up, causing an increased chance of infection.

If you disregard the importance of treatment, you may suffer symptoms such as pain, foul mouth odour, complication in opening the jaws, and other problems associated with wisdom teeth. In the worst case, you may eventually suffer serious infection.

Wisdom Teeth Procedure

  • The dentist evaluates if there is enough space for the teeth to grow by taking an X-ray.
  • Following the X-ray, it will be determined if the tooth is easily removable.
  • A decision will be made on whether the extraction should be done at the dental clinic or be carried out by another specialist (an oral surgeon).
  • After the procedure is complete, the dentist will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions so you can recover quickly and avoid the possibility of complications.

If a wisdom tooth has fully erupted through the gum, your dentist at A Supa Smile will perform a standard tooth extraction. However, if it has not erupted through the gum line, your dentist will perform an impacted tooth extraction procedure.

Your doctors at A Supa Smile are trained and highly experienced in providing various types of anaesthesia and have extensive experience in dealing with wisdom teeth problems. We have handled a wide range of simple and complex cases over the years.

The Link Between Wisdom Teeth Removal and Smoking

If you smoke, dentists highly recommend that you quit for a few days following wisdom tooth removal as smoking will affect and slow down the healing process.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal and Smoking | Dentist Croydon

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), smoking can also affect your sense of taste and smell and delay your recovery after a tooth extraction or other dental procedure.

In addition, the tar from cigarette smoke stains your teeth, causes bad breath and can discolour your tongue. The only way to remove these stains is with a professional cleaning in the dentist’s office.

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