Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

Looking for Oral Surgery in Croydon?

As your family dentist, Dr Manu Kaur (Dentist) is skilled in expanded services like wisdom tooth surgery and emergency care. Dental extractions are often a fast and effective way to manage pain, infection and injuries.

Should I Have My Tooth Pulled?

We strive to preserve your natural teeth if at all possible. Unfortunately, there are times when repairing a damaged tooth is not an option. Some of the reasons why we might recommend extracting a tooth instead of treating it include:

  • Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Severe pain or emergencies
  • Full mouth rehabilitation with denturesor implants
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Orthodontic reasons related to spacing
  • Large fractures or broken teeth
  • Crowding caused by pressure in developing wisdom teeth
  • Financial reasons
  • Extensive tooth decay

Comfort Options Available

Your comfort is important to us. Not only will we make sure that the area around your extraction site is appropriately numbed, we also offer sleep dentistry with general anaesthesia when necessary.


Our practice is particularly attuned to caring for individuals with high anxiety related to dental care. If fear of the dentist is something you’ve constantly struggled with, we invite you to find out how we can help.

What Comes Next?

Unless we’re extracting a wisdom tooth, you will want to plan to have the tooth replaced in a timely manner. This step prevents changes in tooth alignment and biting patterns, preserving the position and function of your remaining healthy teeth. Prior to your oral surgery we can discuss which type of restoration is most appropriate, such as a bridge, implant or partial denture.


Having a tooth pulled is never a hasty decision. We offer complimentary consultations so that you can be informed about the best options for your smile. Contact us today to schedule a same-day exam; we’re open late!