Teeth Whitening Croydon

Teeth Whitening Croydon

Creating Whiter Smiles Across Croydon

We’re proud to offer two types of teeth whitening options for you to choose from. Both offer stunning results and are easy to maintain:

  • In-office Whitening: Same-day laser whitening brightens your teeth by several shades in just one appointment. In-office treatments are idea for people with busy lifestyles or upcoming events when you need to look your best.
  • Take-home Whitening Trays:    Conveniently whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. These custom-fit trays hold our professional grade gel against your teeth and can be worn day or night. See full results in 10-14 days.

Both types of whitening treatments are extremely effective; the one you choose usually depends on how soon you want to see results and your personal preferences.

Erase Years of Tooth Stain

Tooth enamel naturally darkens over time, making our smile look older and more aged. Professional whitening is an efficient way to make your teeth look brighter, healthier and younger. When you feel confident about the way they look, you’ll feel comfortable smiling around the people you spend life with.

We recommend whitening to address issues such as:

  • Naturally dark enamel
  • Stains caused by medication
  • Discoloration from tobacco use
  • Preparing for other cosmetic treatments
  • Improving the overall appearance of your teeth

Professional products like the ones we use in our practice are both safe and effective. They work more efficiently and are gentler than kits that can be purchased over the counter. Contact us Now.