Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing Tooth Solutions at A Supa Smile

Dental Implants are used to replace a missing tooth, several teeth and even the entire dentition. Dental implants are uniquely designed to look, feel and function similar to a natural tooth. Implants are usually made of titanium and have a very good long-term success rate. We use them alone or in pairs to replace missing teeth, as they’re stable enough to support anything from a single porcelain crown to a bridge or full mouth denture.

What happens when I lose a tooth – Why do I need an implant?

  • Bone loss around where your tooth used to be – This is a natural process that happens in the human body much like how muscles shrink when not in use. This may further complicate replacement options in the future. Loss of multiple teeth may eventually lead to changes in overall facial shape.
  • Neighboring teeth may start to shift and collapse into the empty space. This leads to issues with chewing and eating and possibly periodontal disease and dental decay.

Who Completes Your Treatment?

We’re proud to have a team of dentists at A Supa Smile in Mooroolbark trained in implant surgery so that our patients can complete both their placement and restorative phases in our practice. This comprehensive approach to care limits the need to refer you to other offices, making your experience convenient and more affordable.

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Candidates for Dental Implants

The ideal candidate for dental implants will have healthy gums and dense bone structure through the jaw. Occasionally some people will need to have a bone graft or other type of supportive surgery before an implant can be installed. If you currently smoke or use tobacco, you may not be able to have implants (a very healthy environment is necessary for implants to fuse into the bone properly).

Advantages of Today’s Implant Options

Compared to more traditional forms of tooth replacement, modern implant therapy offers several benefits, including

  • Being noninvasive to adjacent teeth
  • A permanent option that doesn’t involve removable prosthetics
  • The option of replacing selects or all of your teeth
  • Designs that mimic the function and appearance of your natural teeth
  • Preservation of your natural biting patterns and tooth alignment

After implants are installed, the new bone fuses with the artificial roots in a way that permanently secures them into the mouth; we call this process “osseointegration”.

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