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Root Canal Treatment | Dentist Croydon

If you suffer from a painful toothache and/or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, you may have a root canal infection.

Don’t worry. Root canal treatment at A Supa Smile is fast, comfortable and effective. If you experience such problems, see our team right away. The sooner you see us, the sooner you’ll feel better.

How Root Canal Treatment Helps

Root canal procedure has a reputation for being painful, but in reality, the procedure itself eliminates the pain caused by toothache and infection. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways of relieving some kinds of dental pain.

The sources of pain associated with root canal problems include decay, infection or dental damage that can access the inner most layer of the tooth and dental pulp. Once such damage enters the nerve, the result is a persistent and excruciating tooth pain.

Root canal treatment is necessary once the infection of inflammation develops in the tooth’s pulp tissue. The procedure relieves the pain by removing the pulp layer of the affected tooth.

The Procedure

  • The dentist will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the exact cause of the problem and the best treatment to perform.
  • The infected pulp is exposed, and the tissue, nerves and blood vessels are removed.
  • After the removal process, the tooth will need to be preserved and restored. The root canal will be filled with a sterile, inert material to replace the infected pulp.
  • Finally, the treated tooth is sealed by installing a dental crown or permanent tooth filling.

Root Canal Treatment at A Supa Smile

The root canal treatment should not be dreaded as it’s no more uncomfortable than getting a dental filling. What’s more terrifying is delaying or disregarding the treatment and suffering greater pain, tooth damage, and expense down the line.

Without treatment, an infection won’t go away. An untreated infection can lead to a dental abscess and may contribute to systemic health problems in other parts of your body.

At A Supa Smile, we provide effective and pain-free dental service when it comes to meticulous dental procedures such as root canal treatment. We ensure that the treatment is comfortable and alleviate potential pain using our safe sedation method and gentle care.

Dental Consultation

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