Dr Manu Kaur

Principal Dentist
Get to know dr manu

Dr Manu Kaur (Dentist) began her journey of becoming a dentist 2000. Although her father was a medical specialist and she was initially drawn to medicine, the idea of empowering someone through the ability to improve their smile and self-confidence was what ultimately attracted her to dentistry.

She completed her bachelors in India and received a masters degree to become a children’s dental specialist. When she decided to move to Australia, Dr Manu completed the necessary license exams to become a family practitioner and member of the Australian Dental Association. Currently, she is working on her Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Manchester.

A Dentist Who Personally Understands Anxiety

As a child, Dr Manu received extensive dental and orthodontic work. Unfortunately, her experience wasn’t a very positive one. She wore braces for four years and underwent numerous restorative procedures that caused her to dislike making trips to the dentist. “It wasn’t fun; I understand because I’ve been through it.”

Because Dr Manu has had so much dental work in the past, she truly relates to patients in their desire to have a dentist who makes them feel comfortable during their procedures.

Outside of Practice

If you ask Dr Manu what she enjoys doing for fun, she will tell you that she is a professional student.

“I’m a learner; I’ll learn anything. Whether it’s a simple recipe or a tricky electrical job, I enjoy anything that challenges me.”

In her free time, she enjoys painting and sketching but the one thing she must do every day is read. “I read even if it’s late at night…I have to read!”