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"Pay No Gap" Dental Care in Croydon

Family smiling with dentist The team of dental professionals at A Supa Smile takes pride in our support and service to our community in Croydon and beyond.

We offer world-class dental care, using cutting-edge technology, performed by caring professionals. We are also aware that some people don’t visit the dentist out of simple economic fear – worry about the money they will have to spend.

Unfortunately, these same people often end up requiring more complex and expensive dental treatments than they would have had they taken regular visits to A Supa Smile.

By saving money in the short term, these patients mark themselves out for dental and economic trauma in the future. This dilemma is why A Supa Smile is happy to offer a “Pay No Gap” Exam, and Clean and Scale for new patients with ANY insurance!

By taking advantage of this offer, our new patients can get complete exam, clean and scale treatment with no personal expense, helping to head off more expensive treatments in the future!

What is “Pay No Gap”?

Pay No Gap dental care means that if your health fund covers your general dental treatments, you are spared additional out-of-pocket expense that you would otherwise have to pay. As long as your health fund covers an exam, scale and clean and you haven’t spent your annual benefit limit, you will not spend a cent from your own pocket – no additional payments, fees, or charges whatsoever.

And, at A Supa Smile, we recognise that some in our community do not have insurance. For these patients we are currently offering a special for new patients on exam, scale and clean, only $99.00 for the full treatment! For treatments costing $1,000.00 or more we offer payment plans.

Our dedication to the dental health of our entire community is a cornerstone of our practice.

The Pay No Gap Exam

Each exam is different, depending on your needs, but they often feature the following:

Your exam will begin with your complete medical history for new patients or, if you are a regular patient, any changes in your health. You dental team also needs to know about any health concerns, anxieties, or allergies you may have in order to avoid incident and to make sure you get the kind of care you need.

The dentist may do a visual check using a small mirror. The dentist will also visually check your gums as well as your teeth. This is to check for any gum disease and any other potential problems that you should know about which are important for your health.

During a check-up your dentist may do a chart, counting around your teeth and making note of any fillings, teeth that are missing, cavities, and potential problem areas. The dentist will start at one side of your mouth, say top right, at the back, and count around until they reach top left at the back. Then they will move to lower left at the back and count around until they reach lower right, at the back. This means that all teeth get inspected.

As part of a routine check of your mouth, the dentist will also take a peak at your gums. By doing this check, your dentist can identify any areas where gum disease exists. Oftentimes just telling you where you may have been missing yours during daily brushing solves this problem.

A visual check of the gums can tell the dentist if there is gingivitis or gum disease.

Your Pay No Gap Clean And Scale

Plaque is a white sticky film that contains bacteria, which feed on the sugars in the food you eat. As the bacteria feed, they create acids, and these acids attack the enamel of your teeth. If not removed it can cause your gums to become red, swollen and bleed leading to gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Plaque, stain and calculus build up around all your teeth, especially around your lower front teeth. Professional clean and scale will ensure that the plaque, stain and calculus are removed, thereby reducing gum irritation and inflammation.

The scale and clean involves three steps:

  • Removal of calculus (tartar)
  • Removal of plaque
  • Teeth polishing

When it’s all done, your teeth are clean, smooth to the touch of your tongue, and ‘slipperier’ for bacteria to get a hold of.

By taking advantage of the A Supa Smile Pay No Gap exam, clean and scale, you can protect your teeth from future dental problems!

The A Supa Smile Advantage

A Supa Smile is located just off of the Maroondah Highway with public transport nearby. For working patients (and young students!) we are open from Mondays to Saturdays, morning until evening. Emergency dental treatment is also available. Our dental practice in Croydon offers you the level of quality, caring dentistry that we would expect for ourselves.

Our Promotions

Special Offer for New Patients

PAY NO GAP – NO GAP for Exam, Clean and Scale (with any health insurance)

NO HEALTH INSURANCE? – Only $99 for Exam, Clean and Scale

Call (03) 9723 0703 or visit us at 143 Maroondah Highway in Croydon.

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