Lost/ Damaged Fillings, Crown And Inlay/Onlay

A Supa Smile | Lost Damaged Fillings, Crown Or Inlay Onlay | Dentist CroydonDespite their sturdy and durable nature, your dental restorations are still vulnerable to damage. They can break or fall out anytime and anywhere. When this happens, inconvenience and pain are sure to follow.

At A Supa Smile, we want to help as fast as we can, so you can be back to your regular schedule in no time. We offer guaranteed same day dental emergency appointments for you and your loved ones in Croydon.

What Causes Them Damage?

Knowing the common reasons for damage to restorations can help you take care of them. Hence we have listed the common reasons behind your dental restorations’ damage:

#1. Natural wear and tear.

Every day, your dental restorations take on the job of your teeth. They grind, chew, bite, and do all the other functions that your natural teeth do. These functions, however, can weaken your dental restorations to the point of damage. Dental restorations, no matter how much we want them to, do not last forever.

#2. Abuse.

Just like your teeth, your dental restorations have limitations. You cannot use them as tools or for other things outside your teeth’s normal functions. Biting down on a hard material, opening packages, and cutting ribbons, are common forms of abuse.

#3. Cavities.

Upon initial placement of your dental restorations, your dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly and remove all decayed parts. Taking care of your dental restorations includes proper oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can encourage the development of secondary cavities, which can weaken the tooth supporting the dental restorations. As the tooth weakens, your dental restorations loosen, and eventually break.

#4. Poor dental work.

An unskilled dentist can make errors during the placement of your dental restorations that can affect their durability.

First Aid Steps

Tooth Filings, Inlays/Onlays

  • Locate and secure the dental restoration. Your dentist might be able to reattach them.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly to make sure that are no broken pieces left.
  • When swallowed, they do not pose any danger. But when breathed in, they can cause an infection in your lungs.
  • Apply clove oil on the affected tooth to lessen pain and sensitivity. Do not put aspirin to the tooth or gums as this could burn the gums.
  • Call your dentist immediately.

Dental Crown

  • Locate and secure the crown immediately.
  • Apply clove oil on the affected tooth to lessen sensitivity and pain.
  • Call your dentist right away.
  • Dental cement available in drugstores or petroleum jelly can be used to temporarily keep the crown in place on your way to the dentist.
  • Call your dentist immediately.

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