Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants | Dentist Croydon Stopping tooth decay even before it happens is now possible thanks to modern dentistry and your skilled A Supa Smile dentist in Croydon.

With dental sealants, you can look forward to a future of healthier smiles! Call or visit us today to learn if you are an ideal candidate for this amazing preventive measure!

Dental Sealants Defined

A good brush plus flossing can do wonders for your teeth. However, they are not enough. There are some areas in your mouth a regular brush cannot thoroughly clean. Areas such as the back part or the molars can be easily missed during brushing.

Hence they become ideal hideouts for cavities to develop. And we all know what happens to a tooth plagued with cavities.

To prevent this from happening, dental sealants are often recommended. Dental sealants are a thin, protective coating, which mould directly onto the tooth, covering and protecting it.

They are thin and tooth coloured making them virtually unnoticeable. They make the tooth’s surface smooth so that plaque cannot stick to the tooth.

Dental sealants also last a long time, reaching up to 10 years. However, a sealant can only offer protection if it is fully intact. Thus your dentist needs to check your sealants from time to time to see if they are still fully intact.

To fully take advantage of dental sealants, we recommend having them on your teeth as early as six years old, or by the time the first permanent back teeth erupt. Still, these little wonders can also be used by adults or on teeth plagued with an early stage of decay.

Benefits Of Dental Sealants

Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy when you opt for a dental sealant.

  • Save money.
  • Save your natural teeth.
  • Stop tooth decay from happening.
  • Stop tooth decay from progressing (as substitute for tooth fillings in early stages of tooth decay).
  • Non-invasive.
  • Little tooth preparation.
  • No side effects.

The Dental Sealants Procedure

Getting a dental sealant is quick and easy at A Supa Smile. Once your dentist has established that you are an ideal candidate for a dental sealant, the following steps will commence:

First. The tooth is cleaned and dried. An acidic gel is applied on the surface of the target tooth to roughen it.

Second. After a few moments, the gel is removed, and the tooth is dried again before the sealants are applied.

Third. The sealants are applied or painted unto the tooth. UV light is often used to help the bonding harden.

Better Tooth Protection At A Supa Smile

Don’t miss this chance to give better protection to your pearly whites! You’re a Supa Smile dentist can help you have a future of healthier smiles for a lifetime with dental sealants.

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