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Cosmetic Enhancements | Dentist Croydon

Sometimes having a healthy set of teeth is not enough. They also need to look pleasant and beautiful, as you may not feel like showing your smile if your teeth are chipped, discoloured, or misshapen.

If you are not satisfied with your smile or facing issues with the appearance of your teeth, consult our skilled dentists at A Supa Smile today. Our high-quality cosmetic dental procedures are designed to give you the smile of your dreams.

Cosmetic dentistry not only enhances the aesthetics of your teeth, but it can also improve your overall dental health and boost the quality of your life. Having a healthy, stunning smile makes you more confident and positive.

By consulting your cosmetic dentists at A Supa Smile, you will learn what cosmetic enhancement procedure is best for your smile. We only use state of the art techniques and materials to create the smile you deserve.

Cosmetic Enhancements to Improve your Smile

We provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental procedures to give your smile its dream makeover.

Teeth whitening – you can achiever whiter teeth with laser teeth whitening or home kit whitening. Laser dental whitening is performed in the dental office, while at-home bleaching involves take-home dental bleaching kits.

Dental veneers – veneers are thin sheets of ceramic shells applied, using special cement, to the front surface of the teeth. They can conceal various imperfections such as cracks, chips, and discolouration.

Dental implants – missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, which are surgically placed in the jaw and capped with dental crowns.

Dental crowns – if your teeth are severely damaged, dental crowns may save and restore them. Crowns are like caps that cover your tooth and protect them from further damage.

Dental bridges – generally, dental bridges are composed of a prosthetic tooth and two dental crowns. They are used to bridge the gaps caused by missing teeth and restore the appearance and function of your teeth.

Dentures – patients who are not good candidates for implants can opt for dentures. Dentures can be fixed or removable.

Tooth fillings – white fillings, also known as tooth-coloured fillings, are made of resin composite material that matches the natural colour of your teeth. White fillings are a more aesthetic alternative to silver or gold fillings.

Orthodontics – orthodontic treatments include metal braces, clear aligners and retainers aim to improve the symmetry and alignment of your teeth and jaw.

Dental Consultation

At A Supa Smile, you are one step away from having the smile you have always wanted. Your trusted Croydon dentist will give you a fully informed idea of all your treatment options, costs and durations.

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you! Book your appointment online or call us on (03) 9723 0703 today.

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