Children’s Dental Emergencies

A Supa Smile | Childrens Dental Emergencies | Dentist CroydonYour child is not exempt from dental emergencies. In fact, children are more vulnerable to dental emergencies than any other age group due to their innocent and carefree behaviour.

When your child suffers from a dental emergency, you don’t want them to be in pain for a single moment. A Supa Smile not only caters to adults but also gives importance to the oral health of your kids.

At A Supa Smile, your children are treated with the same urgency and efficiency as any other patient, including our guaranteed same day dental emergency appointment for you and your loved ones in Croydon.

Common Dental Emergencies of Children

We have listed the most common dental emergencies that can befall your child. Included are the proper first aid steps that can reduce your worry before your trip to your A Supa Smile family dentist. We believe that knowledge and preparedness can go a long way.


  • Rinse your child’s mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash. If this is not available, you can use a salt-water solution. Dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt into eight ounces of lukewarm water. Use this to rinse your child’s mouth several times.
  • Toothache can be caused by food debris lodged in the aching area. Make sure that there are no stuck food leftovers and assist your child in flossing.
  • Apply clove to on the aching tooth using a clean cotton swab. Do not put aspirin on the tooth or gums as this can only damage them.
  • If there is swelling, apply a cold compress.
  • Go to your dentist immediately.

Knocked Out Tooth

  • Secure the tooth immediately. Touch only the crown and handle carefully as damage can affect re-implantation.
  • If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it in a bowl with lukewarm water for no more than 10 seconds. Otherwise, do not do anything to the tooth.
  • For a permanent tooth, reinsert into place and bite down gently on a clean piece of cloth.
  • For a baby tooth, do not reinsert it yourself to avoid damage to the developing permanent tooth underneath.
  • Soak the tooth in milk, saline solution, or saliva for your trip to the dentist.
  • Visit your dentist within 30 minutes of the injury.

Broken Braces

  • Use the eraser end of the pencil to gently move the wire into place. Make sure that it is clean.
  • Rinse your child’s mouth to make sure that are no broken pieces remaining.
  • Use gauze or a cotton to cover the edges of the wire on your way to the dentist.
  • Visit the dentist immediately.

Broken/ Chipped Tooth

  • Collect the tooth fragments and secure them in a safe place.
  • Rinse your child’s mouth with clean lukewarm water.
  • Apply direct pressure using a clean piece of cloth to control bleeding.
  • If there is swelling, apply a cold compress.
  • Visit the dentist immediately.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule will continue in 2017

In the news:

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has applauded announcement by the Turnbull Government and its Health Minister, Greg Hunt, to reinstate the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) cap to $1,000.

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