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A Supa Smile Accepts CDBS

Family Dental Care in Croydon

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) covers up to $1,000 in dental care for qualified children every two years. This government funded scheme covers routine preventative care and treatment for children and teens, promoting a lifetime of healthy smiles.

When you bring your child in for a check and clean starting at an early age, we can better screen for concerns before there is a chance for potential issues to develop or become more advanced.

Paediatric Dental Treatments Covered by CDBS

Children playingMost major children’s dental services are included in CDBS benefits. Some of the more common ones that we offer at A Supa Smile include:

  • Check and cleans
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Dental sealants
  • Fillings, extractions and root canals
  • Diagnostic X-rays

Is your child covered under CDBS? Check your Medicare account online to find out. If they are, we can provide bulk-billed services so that you’re not required to pay anything out-of-pocket for covered treatments.

Take Advantage of Your Included Benefits

Save time and money by booking your child’s preventative care appointment every six months. During their checkup, we will clean and examine their smile, so that any concerns can be addressed when they are smaller and simpler to treat. Common problems like cavities may be possible to avoid altogether, thanks to protective steps like sealants and fluoride.

If you have always been prone to having dental problems, you can help your child avoid unnecessary oral health issues by scheduling an appointment at our practice every six months. With CDBS coverage, you can’t afford not to!

A Child-friendly Practice

Our family dentist has extra training and experience in children’s dentistry. As such, we’re the perfect location to serve your entire family’s dental needs. Contact us today to schedule a gap free cleaning. We also accept Bupa, HCF and NIB insurance plans.


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