8 food to chew on for healthy teeth

8 Food To Chew On For Healthy Teeth

There are several ways that you can take care of your teeth and overall oral health, like regular brushing, flossing, drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugary and acidic food, etc. But have you ever wondered that there can be a certain food that can keep your teeth healthy? A growing body of research is looking into food that can be good for your teeth.

Here are 8 such food that you can chew or drink to keep your teeth healthy.

  1. Tea

In both green and black tea, the compound known as polyphenols is found that is associated with slowing the growth of bacteria in cavities and gums. A study conducted by the University of Illinois, Chicago revealed that people who rinse their teeth for a minute, 10 times a day with black tea has less plaque buildup compared to those who rinse with water. The study also revealed that the polyphenols control the bacteria production that creates the foul smell in the mouth.

  1. Cheese

Journal of General Dentistry published research showing that children between the age of 12 and 15 years have lower acidic levels in their mouth after eating cheddar cheese compared to those who ate sugar-free yogurt or milk. The study shows that cheese has the components that can help in neutralizing plaque acid and more chewing means the production of more saliva that washes the bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Raisins

Though for healthy teeth you should avoid sugar-based food, raisins are different. They do not have sucrose of table sugar that sticks to your gum, teeth, and tongue. Raisins, unlike sugar, have phytochemicals that help in killing the plaque bacteria that causes cavity and hinders the growth of other bacteria that can cause gum diseases.

  1. Crunchy Foods

Chewing helps in disturbing the growth of dental plaque and increases saliva production. So chewing on foods like apples, cucumbers and carrots are beneficial. It also helps in cleaning your mouth with the saliva ensuring better teeth and reduction of bacteria causing bad breath and plaque buildup.

  1. Vitamin Enriched Foods

As per the American Dental Association foods that have high calcium content is good for your teeth. It includes foods like leafy greens, almonds, and cheese. Foods with a high content of phosphorous like fish, meat, and eggs help in keeping the enamel of the teeth strong. It also helps in maintaining a healthy jaw and bones.

  1. Sugarless Gum

For immediate cleaning of your mouth and clearing the bacteria to chew on sugarless gum. It increased the production of saliva. Ensure that the gums are sugarless because bacteria always thrive on sucrose and helps in producing plaque.

  1. Milk

Remember when your mother told you to drink milk to have healthy bones, well now the American Dental Association has published a study showcasing the benefit of milk on your oral health. A study showed that milk helps in reducing the acid in the mouth.

A group of people gave sugar-sweetened dry Fruit Loops to eat and then a section of that group was given water to wash the mouth while another section was given milk. The study revealed that the section who drank milk had less acid in their mouth that produced plaque compared to those who drank water. However, when cereal is added to milk that benefit of milk is no longer there as it becomes sweet and syrupy causing bad breath.

Hence it is a good idea to wash your sweet dessert with a glass of plain milk to protect your teeth.

  1. Cranberries

Just like tea cranberries have polyphenols as per the journal Caries Research. The compound prevents the plaque from sticking to the teeth hence reducing the risk of cavities. However, most of the cranberry products in the market have added sugar because the fruit is tart, thus lessening the actual benefits of the fruit.

Next time when you decide to eat or munch of foods, consider these ‘functional foods’ that will benefit your teeth and overall oral health.